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At our Market Place shop we stock a wide variety of electrical items, modern, retro and vintage.


1. Light bulbs   7. Lighting  
2. Batteries   8. Clocks  
3. Vacuums   9. Televisions  
4. Electrical Accessories   10. Audio  
5. Electrical Hardware   11. Christmas  
6. Telephones      



Light bulbs

We stock many different bulbs from traditional GLS and reflectors or spots, to halogen 12v and 240v, to low energy fluorescent and LED. Our customers know they can often find the unusual or harder to find bulbs, some of the harder to find stock items include fireglow, circular fluorescent, par38’s, compact fluorescent bulbs (often used in new build properties) and infra red or heat bulbs. We also stock light bulbs for appliances like ovens, cooker hoods, sewing machines and fridges.

At Christmas we stock a range of Christmas tree lights and some spare bulbs, we need to see an old bulb and know how many lights are on your set. We also have traditional coloured light bulbs with bc ( bayonet fittings) for outdoor lights.



We stock a range of batteries from the big names Duracell, Everready, Philips, Energiser. As well as the basic long life alkaline and zinc carbon batteries we have rechargables used in telephone these come in most sizes AAA, AA,C, D. The battery often used in smoke detectors and alarms 9v, and the 6v lantern battery no.996. If you have an old radio you may need a PP9. We often help our customers fit a new cell or button battery in the car key remotes or garage zappers.



As we have limited floor space in our shop we don't stock vacuums, but we can order in most popular machines.
We do stock bags, belts and filters for all makes of vacuums, including Electrolux, Hoover, Vax, Numatic,Panasonic, Miele, Sebo, Morhy Richards, Henry and Dyson.
In our workshop we can also repair and service your vacuum.


Electrical Accessories

We carry a varied selection of accessories including mulitmeters, battery chargers, mains testers, low voltage tester screwdriver, adaptors, extension leads of various lengths and with or without switches, fuses for plugs and consumer boxes, and fuse wire, insulating tape. 

Various cables sold by the meter, braided flex, speaker cable, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, door bells, soldering iron, transformers, power packs and chargers.


Electrical Hardware

We have in stock junction boxes, sockets, back boxes and switches in your basic white finish, but can also get decorative brass and chrome switches and sockets. We also have in stock new bakelite dolly switches and pattresses to give your home a vintage feel.

Ceiling pendants and roses are also available in several shapes and finishes, including a Victorian domed white plastic ( looks like porcelain), bakelite, brass and chrome with hooks for chandeliers or hanging shades.



We sell a range of landline telephone accessories including extensions leads, adaptors, ADSL filters, and master BT sockets.

We also sell telephones our stock range include Philips cordless,  BT big button, Steepletone modern antique and retro styles.



We sell both decorative and functional lighting. If you wish to borrow a lighting catalogue to look through at home then call in and borrow one. We do stock a few lights including Tiffany, floor lamps and desk lights.
For outdoors we have stand alone PIR and built-in PIR halogen flood lights, bulkhead light and lanterns. We also have a selection of lampshades and shade carriers.
In the workshop we repair many of our customers lamps and make them safe, we also stock a selection of accessories like switches, bulb holders, cables and shade reducing rings.



We have a selection of clocks in stock from the great retro styling ones from Newgate to the practical and functional ones of Acctim and Philips.

Our alarm clocks come with or without radio, and some of our radios can also be alarm clocks.



We deal in most aspects of television, selling the latest LED sets from Linsar, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony. We have a selection of Linsar TV’s on demo in our shop so you can see sizes and picture quality. They come with a free 5 Year Guarantee. Also on demo are sound bars. These are a growth area for us, we stock brands such as Otone, Humax, Philips and Goodmans.
We can also come to your home to deliver, install and tune your new TV. We stock Freesat and Freeview receivers and recorders, and have used and installed them many times so can advise on the best one for your needs. We recommend brands like Humax, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips.
We carry out repairs, servicing and can provide quotes for insurance companies on portable electrical equipment, specialising in Televisions, VHS and DVD players.

As well as stocking Aerials, amplifiers, boosters, magic eyes I/O links and AV senders, we can also give advice and help on what is best for you. As is often the way you often don’t have the lead you need when you get a new piece of equipment we have in stock many different audio visual accessories including coaxial leads, sockets and plugs, f plus leads and sockets, HDMI , scart, dvi, VGA and optical leads. Replacement sky remote controls, universal remote controls are in stock. We can also often get a new remote for your TV if yours is lost or broken either and original or copy. We do also repair remote controls, although sometimes it is just a cost effective to get a new one!



We are approved stockist of Roberts radios. We also sell and install sound bars, see television section above.
To complement our audio equipment we stock a selection of leads with jack and phono plugs, as well as separate plugs and sockets so you can make your own leads, we also have a selection of adaptors to change plus and sockets to suit.
Headphones and microphones are available in various sizes, some are ideal for skype.





At Christmas we sell a variety of fairy lights, for indoor or outdoor, LED and traditional versions are available in either coloured or clear. This can of course be used all year and fairy lights in the garden in the summer are becoming quite popular. We also have some replacement bulbs.

Our Cable and cotton lights could also be a great addition to your Christmas decorations, string them down your stairs, on your mantelpiece and even down the middle of your dining table.





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